Top 10 Weird Houses In The World

Houses are the best places for anyone in the world. Houses could be large and amazing but what about weirdest houses in the world. There are many houses of your dream but there are people who have some strange dreams how their house should be. I decided to bring you a video on this point. How weird houses may look like? These are some of the creepiest and weird houses in the world. So, today we are going to be talking about top 10 weird houses in the world.

So here we go. 

10. The Steel House

The steel house is located in Lubbock, Texas. This house was built with Robert Bruno. This house was built over 23 years ago. The first idea to make this house was only to make a one-storey building house but Robert just keeps adding. And, now it is a huge building that has 3 separate levels. The location of this house is very creepy as you can see incredible views of the Ransom Canyon underneath. 

9. Giant Seashell House

Giant Seashell House is located in Mexico City. Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright created this amazing huge seashell shaped house for a family of four people. Giant Seashell house was built in 2006. When you will have your first eye on this house you will be really impressed by its unique design.

8. Dumpster House

This weird looking house is situated in New York City. Gregory Kloehn, a designer turned a old dumpster into a home. He made this home for no one else but for himself. The old dumpster house has everything that is needed to live in a house. But, we are not sure how comfortable this house would be. 

7. The Flintstones House

This house is situated in Malibu, California. This home is made by the inspiration from the pop culture. This house looks same like the house of the Flintstones family from the popular cartoon show from the 60s. This rocking house is too weird to see but if you would like to buy it would cost you $3.5 Million that’s too much.

6. Brooklyn Clock Tower Home

This Brooklyn Clock Tower Home is situated in New York City but this house is too expensive. If you would like to buy this house it would cost you $18 Million but there are many advantages. This is located at the top of Brooklyn’s Clock Tower. Also, you can view some of the best views of New York City.

5. Old Water Tower

The old water tower is situated in Belgium. The Old water tower was used for Nazi operations in the World War 2. This tower was also used to store water. It has now been transformed by Belgian Designer firm named Bham Design Studio in to a more pleasant place, so that, the old memories can be vanished. 

4. The Hobbit House

The house was built by a Simon Dale and Jasmine Saville’s who are die hart fan of “The lord of the Rings”. It has been designed only using natural materials which he had made under $5,500/- approximately. It just took 04 months to built it. 

3. The Keret House:

It is a very amazing house ever built because it is the slimmest house in the world just 152 cm  point situated at Poland.  The house has been designed and occupied by Jakub Szczesny. His idea was that no urban space should go to waste and be used accordingly. 

2. Skateboard House

The house has been designed for skateboard lovers . The whole place is designedas skate board rink. The house is situated in California and designed by former pro – skating champion Pierre Andre Senizergues.

1.  Transparent House

A house which is totally transparent, with no privacy but abundance of sunlight. Situated at Japan and designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The concept was to get to the roots of their ancestors who lived in trees.

Please input your comments and let us know which house would you like to live in. The world is full of imaginations and ideas which do click to some people and become inspirations to others.

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