Top 10 Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence

This is a fact that everything around the globe is changing in sudden in this materialistic world and from a decade, Artificial intelligence or in short ‘AI’ is very popular among youngsters. With its exponential growth and advancement time by time, we are now familiar with a lot of devices, which runs under this technology boom.

Artificial intelligence is linked with two more terminologies that are Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Machine learning is a technique to learn from massive data sets. ML is used inside an AI algorithm. We may save so much time in order to achieve Artificial intelligence. Although, AI can be reached without ML, It needs so much coding for decision trees.

Artificial intelligence is not a system but it is something inside the system to revolutionize that system. We could say that Artificial intelligence will soon replace human in many fields as it is said to be an ability to gather, work and implement knowledge like we do. It has the ability to think, to plan, to execute, to solve and to give reason.

There are so many unbelievable and overwhelming Artificial intelligence facts, which open your mind into new era of information collection and utilization on the competency of Artificial intelligence now and its future perspective. 

We bring you some of the best facts about that you may not have heard before. You must know these facts so you could have a better understanding in this video we are going to tell you about the top 10 interesting facts about Artificial intelligence.If You like this topic you might interested with this too…

So here we go.

10. An Artificial intelligence system launched by Google beat a number of best Atari 2600 game players.

9. If we talk about number of Artificial intelligence professors, so it is a strange fact that about 80% of Artificial intelligence professors are male.

8. If we consider for Jobs under the umbrella of Artificial intelligence, so the top five countries which are offering jobs related to Artificial intelligence in a massive number are – United States of America, Japan, China, United Kingdom and India.

7. A microchip has been created by ‘’Google”, named as a Tensor Processing Unit. Google claimed that it is up to 30 times faster and 80 times more power efficient as compared to an Intel processor used in term of for machine learning tasks.’’ 

6. If we go to past so between the year 2013 and 2017, Artificial intelligence got an increase in venture capital funding  as much as 4.5 times, and in the comparison we have the figure that venture capital in total, is increased by 2.08 times.

5. As China is planning every second to maximize its economy, so here is another fact related to Artificial intelligence that Chinese are planning to use Artificial intelligence in term of gaining the International economic dominancy till 2030.

4. Now, if we compare Google and Siri, so some Chinese researchers quote that The Artificial intelligence of Siri is not smarter than Google. So in this case Google leads. 

3. At the moment we could say that we are smarter as compared to Artificial intelligence.  But mother Jones claimed that ‘’around 2025 we’ll finally start to see remarkable achievements toward Artificial intelligence. 10 years later we will be up to about one-tenth of the power of a human brain, and a decade after that we will have full human-level Artificial intelligence.’’ 

2. It is an interesting fact that whenever you interact with Artificial intelligence as a default voice, most of the time, it is a female voice. Some researchers have told that both women and men like the female sound.

1. As we are familiar with the Japanese robot dogs, so now Dr. Jean-Loup Rault claimed that we will have robot pets with which we could establish an emotional connection by the start of 2025.

These are some of the interesting facts about Artificial intelligence. There were many facts you may not have heard before. So, we are now bounded with Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning system in our daily life. Like it is in our cell phones, gadgets, Computers, TV, Refrigerators, Watching Machines etc.

We have Artificial intelligence in ATM’s, Malls, and Pumping stations and so on. So it’s up to us that how to use and get benefit from this.

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