The Most Interesting Facts To Know About Dubai

The Most Interesting Facts To Know About Dubai.Looking for interesting facts about Dubai? Dubai, a small desert town only 50 years ago, has developed into a vibrant city that is a business and cultural focal point in the Middle east , United Arab Emirates , and a popular tourist destination. There’s so much you can say about Dubai. These 20 facts about Dubai are as fascinating as they are informative.You must visit Dubai ….. Visit My Website Here : Do you know The total population of Dubai is 3.3 million, Arabic is the official language,Islam is the official religion,Only non-Muslims are allowed to buy and consume alcohol and pork, Kissing or holding hands in public is illegal and can result in fines or deportation and Weekend in Dubai is on Friday and Saturday.We will talk about Dubai Police Cars, Gold Atm Machines ,supercars, things only seen in Dubai….outrageous things you’ll only see in Dubai…… SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL NOW Check Out These Top Trending Playlists; 1- 2- I could go on and on with fun facts about Dubai, because it really is one of the most unique destinations in the world. If you think there’s any fun or interesting fact about Dubai, please do let me know! 👋 CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA 👋 WEBSITE – FACEBOOK – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – PINTEREST – #nevosisland #dubai #dubaifacts This video is about The Most Interesting Facts To Know About Dubai

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