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Dubai, a small desert town only 50 years ago, has developed into a vibrant city that is a business and cultural focal point in the Middle East and a popular tourist destination.

Do you know The total population of Dubai is 3.3 million, Arabic is the official language,Islam is the official religion,Only non-Muslims are allowed to buy and consume alcohol and pork, Kissing or holding hands in public is illegal and can result in fines or deportation and Weekend in Dubai is on Friday and Saturday.

There’s so much you can say about Dubai. These 20 facts about Dubai are as fascinating as they are informative.

1-You Pay No Income Tax in Dubai.Apart from an often very attractive salary you also won’t have to pay any income taxes when you make your money in Dubai. 

2-The national animal of the entire United Arab Emirates is the Arabian oryx. What’s an Arabian oryx, you ask? It’s kind of like an mid-sized antelope. 

3-The climate of Dubai is hot, humid and subtropical, due to its desert location. In summer, the average temperature is 42 degrees Celsius (108F) during the day. In winter, the average daytime temperature is around 25 degrees celcius (75F).If you like a rainy, cozy day, Dubai may not be the place for you. 

4-Foreigners cannot receive permanent residency or citizenship in the United Arab Emirates, even after living there long-term.

5-There’s no denying Dubai is mega rich. But how did it get so cashed up? The main earner for Dubai these days is tourism, but before that it was oil, fishing, farming and pearl diving. 

6-In 1968 there were only 13 cars in Dubai. Today there are millions. Crazy!

7-Dubai is actually one of the safest cities in the world. It’s crime rate is next to nothing, mostly due to the harsh penalties that apply for even small offences.

8-Dubai’s Miracle Garden is the biggest flower garden in the world, and a top tourist attraction. It spans 780,000 square feet and boasts 50 million flowers and 250 million plants.

9-Dubai’s food is delicious, and shawarma is the most popular local dish. It is much like a kebab or souvlaki, with meat, vegetables and dressings wrapped in pita bread.

10-You can use Dubai’s ATMs to withdraw local currency, but you can also withdraw gold bars from many of them. 

11- Dubai has a Guinness world record office.Dubai and United Arab Emirates as a whole have been breaking so many records in the last ten years that Guinness World Record set up an office in Dubai so as to easily maintain and confirm all of these records.

12-The city is known for being a place of luxury, and its police cars are no exception. Some of the world’s top car brands—including Ferrari and Ashton Martin—are used as cars in the police force.

13-the Dubai Government awards 2 grams of gold as a reward for every kilogram lost. Only two children can participate per family and the program pays out, one average, over $700,000 in gold each year.

14-Camel racing has been a part of Arabian culture and history for the longest time. However, due to the size and requirement for speed, only lightweight riders can be used as part of the race. In most cases, this would be a child who would be put at risk riding the camels in a rapid race. The sport led to a boom in child trafficking in the past forcing some countries to put an end to the sport.The Gulf region came up with a solution by using remote-controlled child-sized robots instead. The robots cost between $300 to $10,000. 

15-While the rest of the world usually keep cats and dogs as pets, in Dubai exotic animals the likes of lions, cheetahs, and tigers are kept instead. Exotic pets are seen as status symbols.

16-Dubai is very strict in not allowing its residents to incur debt and not being able to pay it back. If you fall into default on your credit cards and miss payments, you can be sent to jail or deported.

17-There are Thousands of Luxury Cars Left Abandoned in Dubai.It’s a pity: take a walk around Dubai’s parking lots, and you will see thousands of luxury and sports cars – from BMWs and Mercedes, to Ferraris and Porsches – lying in careless abandon. The BBC reported that a Ferrari Enzo worth more than $1 million was found abandoned in a parking lot of a Dubai airport.

18-A Journalist Was Banned for Being Too Handsome

A journalist from Dubai named Omar Borkan Al Gala was asked to leave Saudi Arabia because he was “too handsome”. This was because the authorities of Saudi Arabia thought the UAE delegate could corrupt impressionable women at the annual Janadriyah Festival.

19-In 1991, Dubai had only one tall building, but now they have over 400 skyscrapers making Dubai one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

20-Air conditioning is not only limited to buildings in Dubai. Due to hot weather conditions, even bus stops in Dubai are air conditioned.

I could go on and on with fun facts about Dubai, because it really is one of the most unique destinations in the world. If you think there’s any fun or interesting fact about Dubai, please do let me know!

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