MIRACLE Based on True Story

The miracle that happened to Sally’s younger brother George.

Sally was only eight when she heard her parents talk about her younger brother, George. Her brother was very ill and they did everything they could to save her. George only had the chance was surgery, but they didn’t have enough money for it. He heard his father whispering hopelessly to his mother, Sally: “Only one miracle can save him.” As soon as I heard these words, Sally walked softly into her own room. She removed the piggy-shaped piggy bank from his hiding place and began to count the money by slowly pouring it into the floor. She counted exactly three times the coins he had taken out of the piggy bank in order not to be mistaken. Then, putting them all in his pocket, She hurried out of the house and went to the pharmacy around the corner.

She waited with great patience to get the attention of the pharmacist. The pharmacist was very busy and told a man how to use his medication. He said he had no intention of dealing with an eight-year-old boy in between the hard work, but when he saw Sally waiting, he said, “Yeah, tell me what you want.” “Hurry a little.“My brother,” said Sally. She continued quietly after swallowing: “My brother is very sick, I want to get a miracle.” “I couldn’t understand,” said the pharmacist, looking at Sally. “Shayy, my father said ‘Only a miracle can save him’, how much is a miracle, sir?” This time, the pharmacist looked at Sally with love and mercy: “Sorry, little girl, we don’t sell miracles here, I can’t help you.”

Sally didn’t want to give up so easily. “I have money to pay for it, just tell me the price,” he said, looking into the pharmacist’s eyes. Meanwhile, Sally and the well-dressed gentleman waiting next to the pharmacist turned to Sally and said, “What kind of miracle do you need for your sister, little lady? asked. “I don’t know,” said Sally. Then she continued, regardless of the tears that had slipped through her eyes: “All I know is that she is very sick and my mother said that she would not get rid of the surgery if she had no surgery, and my family had no money to pay for the surgery. But when my father said, “Only a miracle can save him,” I took my money and came here. ” “So how much money do you have?” the well-dressed man asked. “Five dollars and twenty cents,” said Sally. “And that’s all my money in the world!” “This is a good chance, enough money for the miracle needed to save his little brother,” he said,

The man took the money in one hand, holding Sally’s hand with the other hand, “Will you take me to where you live, please?” asked. “I want to get to know your little brother and family,” he said. Well-dressed man It was Carlton Armstrong and he was a well-known surgeon who could perform the surgery required for George. The surgery was successful and the family had not paid anything. When they returned home happily together, they still could not get rid of the impact of the events they were experiencing. Mom: “I still can’t believe it. This surgery is a miracle! Actually, I wonder how much it costs. ” Sally smiled to herself. She knew very well how much a miracle cost. Five dollars and twenty cents!

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