Minecraft Facts And Tips

10 Things you may not have known about Minecraft.Even if you’ve playing Minecraft for years, you’ll probably still learn a thing or two.Minecraft is one of the most well-loved online games. Wonder how it started? Here are Minecraft facts  and tips that will answer all the questions you have!

It has been 11 years since the first Minecraft alpha build was released and now the game has managed to become the best selling game of all time with over 200 million copies sold. In essence Minecraft is a video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson.

Minecraft was started as a small bedroom project, being distributed via a Java applet on a web forum. Its founder Markus Persson, who is also known as Notch in the gaming community, did not believe that the game would do well. However, it exploded soon after being uploaded on the forum as it caught the eyes of many indie gaming enthusiasts who liked the game’s building concept.

There are schools in Sweden that actually introduced Minecraft as a mandatory lesson for 13 year olds. They believe this game will help the kids with critical thinking and help them with computer skills.

I think this game is great for Math knowledge as well, because it makes kids use Multiplication and real world issues such as building. 

One of Minecraft’s stranger native species is the creeper, an electrically charged predator with a haunting mug. Persson didn’t actually set out to design such a monster; he was trying to create a pig, but accidentally switched the figures for desired height and length when inputting the code. The result was the monstrosity that players know and love.

One Minecraft block equals 1 meter cubed. This makes a Minecraft world bigger than Jupiter!

Chickens in minecraft are so big they’re about 3 feet tall (if they lived in the real world). Can you imagine seeing a 3 foot chicken? In the real world Steve would measure around 6.1 feet however he’s a strong dude that can carry around 782536292.585 pounds!

There are over 63 Minecraft Biomes but did you know that you can visit a secret one on the computer? Just head to the main menu,hold down shift while looking at other worlds options and you will be given the option to go on debug mode. Click it and see minecraft in a fun new way.

6-Pumpkins are more rare than Diamonds

There’s a lot of wacky things that are different than the normal world in Minecraft. Including Creepers can climb trees even though they don’t have arms. or that You can catch more fish when it rains.

Creepers are some of the most nefarious enemies found in Minecraft. There are few enemies as destructive and hostile as Creepers. Found in Mobs in Survival mode, they can destroy players’ constructions and damage players.

They are especially frustrating because they attack in broad daylight, unlike Zombies and Skeletons. Creepers strike silently, making them difficult to spot. With all that said, they are scared of a Docile Ocelot ,It’s an effective strategy to keep groups of tame ocelots around your house.

The government of Denmark recreated its entire nation , block-for-block, in Minecraft to get kids excited about geography. Unfortunately, vandals broke into the server ,dynamited the towns and built American flags on the rubble.

You know those weird little messages that start throbbing on the title screen as soon as you load up Minecraft? They’re called splash text, and they range from pop culture gags to near-inscrutable gaming references. Seems pretty innocuous, but like any good inside joke, it quickly got out of hand: the game included more than 100 of these bobbing yellow messages at launch and it has more than 350 today. Whichever one shows up is completely random, so you know you’ve been playing too much Minecraft once you stop seeing new ones.

You can party with the free 10 Years of Minecraft map from BlockWorks! There’s a huge Minecraft theme park, with a Mob Garden, heaps of Redstone Contraptions and a lot more. Just keep an eye out for hidden Easter eggs and other sneaky secrets.

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