30 Disturbing Childhood Ruining Facts

In this list of facts that may ruin your childhood, we uncover many sad realities, unfortunate truths, and clear up some misremembered moments. Prepare to have your minds blown! Here are 30 disturbing facts that’ll ruin your childhood.

1-The Flintstones Advertised For A Cigarette Brand
n 1961, the cartoon cavemen were the stars of a TV advertisement for a cigarette brand. The commercial featured characters of the show buying and smoking cigarettes with great pleasure.

2-A Novel Idea
In the novel which inspired The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmerelda is charged with murder and hanged. Quasimodo lies beside her dead body until he dies of starvation.

3-The Teletubbies Set Has Been Destroyed
The vivid green grass hill was actually the hill of a farm in England, where on sunny days (sunny days… in England?) it was transformed into the Teletubbies set. However, after the show officially stopped filming in 2001, the owner of the farm began to get irritated by constant trespassers wanting to get a glimpse of the famous location. She became so sick of it in fact that she flooded it with water to turn it into a pond and make it unrecognizable to the public.

4-Nobody Puts Baby Carrots in a Corner
One of the few vegetables I was okay with eating as a kid were baby carrots, especially if they were provided with some savory ranch dressing. If you were thinking of maybe planting your own baby carrots in the back garden, you should know that baby carrots aren’t a specialized variety of carrots. Baby carrots are simply cut and processed from regular carrots.

5- It’s been reported that upwards of 20 cats were killed during the filming of The Adventures of Milo and Otis.

6-A lion in the wild has an average lifespan of 15 years, so if The Lion King’s Simba was real, he probably would have died around 2009.

7-The R-Rated Little Red Riding Hood
Original versions of the popular children’s story “Little Red Riding Hood” did not have a hunky woodcutter or hunter arriving at the right time to save the day. These versions often ended tragically, with the wolf swallowing the grandmother whole and then subsequently eating Little Red Riding Hood. In some traditional versions, the wolf then takes a post-meal nap, and that’s where the tale gets really gruesome. That’s when the woodcutter or hunter arrives, finds the sleeping wolf, and cuts open his stomach to free Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. 

8-Peter Pan was actually based on creator J.M. Barrie’s 13-year-old brother who died after cracking his skull while ice skating.

9-A Dopey Idea
Disney had hopes of doing a sequel to Snow White that gave the backstory of the Seven Dwarves. In the movie, they would reveal the chilling reason why Dopey doesn’t speak: the traumatic death of his mother. This idea was quickly abandoned.

10 -The skeletons in the pool scene in Poltergeist were real dead bodies, but JoBeth Williams, who starred in the scene, didn’t know until after filming was done.

11-Mood rings can kill you
Mood rings were a favorite of children in the 1970s, and have entertained many generations to follow. The idea behind them was novel indeed – who wouldn’t want to wear a ring that changed color depending on your mood? The ingredient that makes this happen is called liquid crystal; its particles rearrange with changes in temperature, which in turn changes its color. It is liquid crystal that you’ll find in LCD TV and computer screens. But what most kids aren’t aware of is the toxic mercury and arsenic ingredients in liquid crystal, making mood rings a particularly lethal toy in the hands – and mouths – of children.

12-Hope You Held Onto Those Toys
There was perhaps no better childhood treat than a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. A juicy burger, crispy fries, a thirst-quenching drink, and a toy in a delightful cardboard box are always sure to put a smile on a kid’s face. But, keeping track of those small toys was a challenge. Who knows how many of them you lost or left behind at your grandparents’ place? If you did hold onto them, you may have been able to flip them for a nice chunk of change. Many Happy Meal toys, especially full sets, fetch decent returns at auctions.

13-Frisbees were created by greed
From 1871-1958, The Frisbee Baking Company provided American colleges with pies that came in pie tins, and it wasn’t long before students realized what fun could be had by tossing these tins around. In 1948, a building inspector created the first plastic Frisbee which we now use today, based off this simple pie tin design. 

14-Ice cream makers tricked you
Ice cream lovers, block your ears: what most of you don’t know is that “rainbow” ice cream is actually mere vanilla ice cream, with a few food colors thrown in. I discovered this from a friend who works at an international chain-store ice creamery; and now that you too have learned the shocking truth, you’ll find that the next time you taste a “rainbow” ice cream, you’re tasting nothing but ruined childhood and vanilla.

15-Oh Deer
The death of Bambi’s mother is a traumatic moment for many children. Some of those children may even grow up to suffer what psychologists and park rangers both call “the Bambi complex”—overly strong affection for wild, and sometimes dangerous, animals.

16-The Smurfs
We know that the Smurfs’ arch enemy Gargamel was scary, but it got alot worse than a strange old man and his pet cat. Because in ‘The Smurfs Christmas Special’, a mysterious character called ‘The Stranger’ summons a circle of fire with the purpose of dragging children and Smurfs into the darkest pits of hell. One for the kids then!

17-The Jiggle in Gelatin
What makes Jell-O jiggle is the gelatin. But what exactly is gelatin? Gelatin is derived from collagen extracted from a variety of animal bones and cartilage. Gelatin is largely flavorless and odorless, so maybe that’s why your bowl of watermelon Jell-O doesn’t taste like a rack of barbecued ribs.

18-Remember that funny scene where ET gets drink and falls in the kitchen ? It was performed by Matthew De Meritt , a 12- year old boy who was born without legs.

19-This Old House
With his film earnings, Walt Disney bought his parents a house. He had some of his studio crew give the house a once over. Once it passed their inspection, Disney’s parents moved in. The crew had failed to notice, however, a gas leak. Disney’s mother passed away from inhaling the toxic fumes.

20- The voice of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch is the terrifying young girl from The Ring.

21-The Real Pocahontas
The real-life Pocahontas had a life that was very different from the one depicted in the eponymous Disney movie that was released in 1995. In reality, Pocahontas’ real life was far more tragic. While she would eventually make it to England with her Englishman husband John Rolfe, she sadly passed away from illness when she was only 21.

22-The Sad Tale of Little Mermaid
As is usually the case, the Disney version of The Little Mermaid differs heavily from its source material. In the original Hans Christian Andersen story, the Little Mermaid does not end up marrying the prince. Instead, it ends with the Little Mermaid contemplating killing the prince, in order to regain her mermaid identity, before deciding to take her own life in order to obtain immortality.

23-Eating Before Hitting the Pool
Despite what your parents used to tell you, there is no actual evidence that swimming immediately after eating causes any harm. The widely held belief was that a full stomach would take up valuable oxygen needed for other muscles in the body to properly swim. However, the body has more than enough oxygen to support a full stomach and to maintain a consistent swimming stroke. So, yes, you could have had that extra pack of Dunk-a-roos!

24-Final Wishes
In 2015, Disney wanted to release a sequel to their classic Aladdin. There was just one problem: the star of that movie, Robin Williams, had recently passed away. Unperturbed, Disney made plans to cobble together archival clips of Williams’ voice, essentially casting a phantom Williams in their new movie. Thankfully, a clause in Williams’ will prevented any such use of his voice, and the plan was abandoned.

25-Wax On, Wax Off
What do gummy bears and the family minivan have in common? No, this isn’t a trick question or a dumb dad joke. The truth is that gummy bears are finished with a shiny coating known as carnauba wax that is also used in waxing automobiles. If you’re concerned about ingesting car wax, the amount of carnauba wax used in gummy bears is nowhere near toxic levels.

26-So About The Color of Your Drink…
In 2012, Starbucks admitted that many of their strawberry-flavored beverages were actually colored red through the use of cochineal dyes, which are derived from crushed parasitic beetles. In fact, these dyes are commonly used in a variety of manufactured food products. I mean, I guess it is a “natural” food coloring, right?

27-What’s Your Favorite Flavor?
You’ve probably debated with your friends or siblings over what your favorite flavor of Froot Loops. Do you prefer the lime green, the cherry red, or the grape purple? The truth is that there are no color-coded Froot Loops flavors, as no matter the pigment, all Froot Loops are flavored the same!

28-Nothing Funny About That
The success of Finding Nemo caused an explosion in the sales of clownfish, the type of fish that Nemo was. Not only did the population of clownfish drop 75% as a result, but many children, seeking to “free” their captured fish, flushed them down the toilet, killing them.

29-Someday My Prince Will Come
The Princess and the Frog led to a salmonella outbreak in the United States. More than 50 children were hospitalized after the movie’s release when they attempted to free handsome princes with a kiss from what turned out to be perfectly ordinary, definitely-non-prince frogs.

30-Bursting the Balloon
It would take more than 12 million helium balloons to life the house from Up. This implausible math is just one reason why some fans think Carl and Russell’s journey is purely symbolic. According to one theory, Carl is dead, and Russell is a guardian angel guiding him to the afterlife—hence his “assisting the elderly” badge.

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