15 Strange Stranger Things Facts You Never Knew

Stranger Things is one of the most popular series on Netflix for its amazing content and acting. But while many are waiting for Stranger Things season 4, many have questions like where is stranger things set, what is stranger things based on and more.

So, let’s discuss some interesting facts that make this show even more exciting apart from stranger things Billy having a shirtless audition.  

It Was Rejected 15 Times

The series’s creators admitted in an interview that Stranger Things was rejected at least 15 times by different networks before being aired on Netflix.

It Was Named As Montauk

The Stranger Things was originally sold to Netflix under the title of Montauk. It was the place where the series was meant to be filmed, and later, the location was changed to Indiana.

Around 1200 Children Were Rejected

The creators had to audition a huge number of kids for casting in their show that included 307 girls and 906 boys. All children were asked to read some lines from Stand By Me, a 1986 film. 

Based On A Real Project

The show has taken its inspiration from one of the most controversial conspiracy theories against the US government in which children were put under different mind-bending experiments. The Montauk Project is the highlight among such conspiracies, which is also demonstrated in the season.

The Upside Down Story

Did you know The Upside Down story had a staggering load of backstory in the form of a document with thirty pages? What’s more surprising is that it has all the details regarding what monsters are and why there are not any monsters now. 

Matarazzo Comes With A Rare Condition

Dustin in the show is not bullied for having some fake condition; his unusual teeth result from his rare condition, Cleidocranial Dysplasia. 

Stephen King Casts A Role

Stranger Things has paid homage to many big names in the industry, including Stephen King. What comes as a bigger surprise is that the renowned novelist himself tweeted about casting Millie Brown in the series in 2014 – something rare to be found. 

Scary Pranks With The Schnapp’s Mom

It will sound strange, but Schnapp had his real-looking corpse made for the set, and a bunch of kids from the cast used to prank his mom with the corpse by taking her to a dark closeted room every time she would come on the set.

Eleven’s Nose Bleeds Are Sort Of Real 

Did you know that the nosebleeds Eleven we see suffering from on the series aren’t always actually CGI’d as most would think? In reality, a fake blood formula is squeezed into the actress’s nose before filming! 

A Mix Of Earthbound Nod & E.T

Most of the Stranger things characters are based on popular horror movies of the 80s in one way or another. Eleven’s appearance in the wig and pink dress comes from the Nintendo classic Earthbound, which is a 1994 game, but production-wise, it was representing E.T.

The Trick Or Treat Season Of Cast Of Stranger Things

The stranger things cast actually had gone together for a trick or treat hangout in Halloween, where they pranked kids dressed up in different characters, and no one could recognize them.

Stranger Things Steve Character Was Not A Heroic One

In the original plot, Steve, in stranger things, was supposed to be shown as a real rascal, but the storyline got changed in the show, giving a total reverse to his character.

Mike & Eleven Kiss Scene Was Unplanned

Yes, you read that right. The big kiss scene you loved so much between Stranger Things Eleven and Mike at the end of season 2 was not in the script. It was on the actress’s push, and if you pay attention, you can spot how Wolfhard mouths the words “I’m coming in” just before the kiss.

Stranger Things Background

Though, the show is a mixture of a lot of popular horror shows, but it can be called as an eerie reflection of the “Little Girl Lost”, an episode of Twilight Zone. 

The episode tells the story of a girl who goes missing after being tucked into bed by her mother. Though, her parents listen to her cries for help but are unable to do anything, revealing that their daughter has transported to a parallel dimension.

Surprising Budget

You will be surprised to know how much Netflix believed in the success of the show. The company paid around $6 million to the producers to make every episode of season 1, which they increased to about $8 million each episode for season 2. This is only $2 million shy of the $10 million budget each Game of Thrones episode had. Wow!

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