10 Shocking Facts McDonald’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about fast food? McDonald’s right? With billions of people served, McDonald’s food has played an enthralling role in shaping international culture since its first restaurant opened. Here, a compilation of surprising McDonald’s trivia even its most loyal customers may not know.
No longer would it hide grotesque secrets about McDonald’s food, forcing the chain to turn to healthier alternatives a fast food joint could be proud of. Despite their efforts, however, we’re still able to drudge up these ten facts that they probably don’t want you to know! We are, under no circumstances, telling you not to enjoy your annual Shamrock Shake. But we do want you to know why they’re just called “shakes” and not “milkshakes.” Snopes says there’s been a rumor going around that the desserts can’t be called milkshakes because they don’t contain dairy products, but that’s not true. They definitely use milk in those shakes… they just don’t make them with ice cream. Instead, they combine reduced fat soft serve, which may or may not be allowed to be called ice cream, depending on your state, with flavored syrup, along with whipped cream. It’s designed that way to not just be fast, but also consistent across all McDonald’s. So while you’re not getting something that’s quite as gross as you might think, you’re not getting any real ice cream, either. Watch the video for more on the gross things you should know before eating McDonald’s Big Mac Burger again. So sit back, relax and keep on watching till the end and see Mcdonald’s Secrets.

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