10 Scary Facts About Ghosts

Scared of things that go bump in the night? While scientists say there is no evidence that ghosts really exist, there are plenty of people who believe in these spirits of the dead. Check out 10 Scary Facts About Ghosts.

1-Ghost hunters often use electronic equipment to investigate places supposedly haunted by ghosts. While the ghost hunting community doesn’t seem to have a standard set of tools, some of the ones used are night vision photography, an EMF meter to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, thermal imaging cameras to detect cold spots, audio recording equipment to record any odd sounds and interviewing accounts of hauntings.

What do some people claim to be the telltale signs of a ghost?

  • The temperature in the room suddenly gets chilly.
  • You hear unexplained creaking of stairs.
  • Doors are opening and closing on their own.
  • You hear the sound of soft whispers when no one is near.
  • Your pets start to act strangely.
  • An unexplained smell fills the room.

2- Everyone wants to claim that they saw Abraham Lincoln’s ghost. But it isn’t just presidents who sense his presence. First ladies and other top officials report feelings of solidarity with his ghost. It turns out that there’s a reason for that. These feelings peaked in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a dark and war-torn time when politicians would welcome Abe’s ghastly guidance.

3- The Flying Dutchman is one of the most famous ghost ships, seen by generations of sailors. The 17th century sailing ship can never make port, hopelessly sailing the oceans forever, and is an omen of doom to anyone who sees her. Inspired by the legend, Richard Wagner composed his opera Der Fliegende Hollander.

4- In 1991, the state’s Supreme Court officially declared Jeffrey Stambovsky’s house in Nyack to be “haunted.” According to Stambovsky, the previous seller, Helen Ackley, had wronged him when she had willingly sold him the house but did not tell him that the house was filled to the brim with poltergeists. For some reason, the court agreed.

5-The ancient Romans believed a ghost could be used to exact revenge on an enemy by scratching a curse on a piece of lead or pottery and placing it into a grave.

6-Britain is one of the world’s most haunted countries and the first official group to come together to investigate paranormal activities was The Society for Psychical Research formed in London in 1882.

7-When horror writer Stephen King was a child, one of his friends was hit by a freight train while King and the friend were playing together. King has no memory of the incident. What he does know of the accident comes from his mother: King wandered back home alone, and she found him white as a sheet and unable to speak.

It’s believed that the psychological trauma King suffered from witnessing his friend’s death inspired some of his darkest works, though King has never implied as much. Notably, the horrifying memory didn’t appear in his memoir, On Writing, despite the book covering his childhood at length.

8-Ghost hunter Richard Southall identified four possible reasons why a ghost might want to stick around: the ghost doesn’t realize that it is actually dead, has unfinished business, wants to say goodbye or to offer guidance to a loved one.

9-In Brazil, a two-year-old boy tragically died from pneumonia. His grieving family made funeral arrangements over the next few days—and then received the shock of their lives when the boy suddenly sat upright and asked his father for water. Overjoyed and astonished, the parents were still in for another devastating heartbreak, as the boy then lost consciousness once more and couldn’t be revived, leading the coroner to proclaim him dead once more.

10-On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. methodically walked into each bedroom in his house, killing everyone as he went. His parents, two brothers, and two sisters were all found in the exact same position: laying on their stomachs in their beds. DeFeo claimed that voices told him to kill his family, though he changed his story many times over. He is currently serving six consecutive life sentences. The movie The Amityville Horror is based on the chilling experiences of the family who moved into the home after DeFeo Jr went to prison.

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