10 Mysterious Places With No Gravity

Gravity creates a common sense and logic that we rely on daily. There is no place in the universe, where gravity does not work. But if gravity has stopped working suddenly, then what will happen to all of us? 

Check out these 10 mind blowing.places where gravity doesn’t work!

1. House of Mysteries in Oregon, US

This house of mystery is located close to the ‘Forbidden Ground’ for the Native Americans. People believe that there is some kind of a spherical force field that is partly above ground. That is why brooms will remain upright wherever you place in the house and objects will randomly roll on the flat ground.

No tricks , the land is flat as many people have measured this.

2. Hoover Dam in Nevada, US

If you have time to climb to the top of Hoover Dam, you can see for yourself how water flows upward here. Up there, 726.4 ft tall, wind current is so hard it will blow the water away.

3. Reverse waterfall, England

If waterfall flows downward, this one is worthy to be part of the Pirates of the Caribbean where the entrance is a waterfall that flows upward. The reverse waterfall is located close to Hayfield and this happens to the similar reason to the Hoover Dam – strong current blows the 74 ft tall waterfall up.

4. Stone of Davasko, Argentina

Before 1912, a massive rock that weighs more than 300 tons sits at the edge of a cliff. It became a natural view for the locals and it doesn’t seem like it will ever leave the spot until one day, it began tilting a bit and fell down on February 29, 1912. Almost a century later, a copy that weighs 9 ton is placed on the same spot again.

5. Golden boulder, Myanmar.

This rock covered in gold has been sitting here for 2,500 years. It’s said that Buddha’s hair is the only thing keeping it here and anyone could actually push and move it. Although, the legend says that only a woman can do this and because of that, women are not allowed to touch the golden boulder.

6. Mysterious Road in Jeju Island, South Korea.

Much like the road near Mount Aragats, this road looks like it’s going uphill when it’s actually going downhill. That is why things will look like they are rolling uphill and even cars were said to be able to move by themselves.

7. Devils Tower in Wyoming, US.

The Devils Tower has a very unusual shape and is located in Bear Lodge Ranger District of the Black Hills. Climbers find it extremely tough to reach the peak, however, even for the ones who’ve been to and back from Mouth Everest. 1,267 steep climb makes it hard to go up and go down.

8. Mysterious Road at the foot of Mount Aragats, Armenia.

The road looks like it’s going uphill, but things are actually rolling upwards! It was recently discovered by some people and investigations are being made around this area as the rivers also flow at an angle of 20 degrees upward.

9- Mount Aragatas – Turkey

Located only 30 kilometres away from the border of Turkey, Mount Aragatas has become a popular tourist destination because  cars can go up without using their engine, rivers also flows against the pull of gravity, the gravity mount fails in Aragatas . According to an ancient legend, the Aragats and mount ararat used to love the sisters who separated after the quarrel. His love is so strong that in his efforts to reconnect, gravity surrenders. . At present the mountains have been politically separated with Mount Ararat located in Turkey.

10 -Magnetic Hill– Australia

You can see a strange sculpture of a huge magnet while driving through rural areas in South Australia. Which is encourage to stop and experience the strangeness of the area. If you are facing the direction where the road appears to climb your way, keep your car neutral and feel the secret of this place for yourself. Your car will climb in the opposite direction. (gravity does not work)

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