10 Most Amazing Things About The Kaaba Who Built The Kaaba ? What Is Inside The Kaaba ?

Billions of Muslims face toward the Kaaba to pray five times each day and it is the most sacred and holy site in Islam.

But how much do you really know about the Kaaba, the mysterious cube-shaped building at the centre of Mecca’s Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque?

1.The inside of the Kaaba is the only place in the world where you can pray in any direction you want!

Think about it. Inside, you are always facing the Kaaba.

2.The Kaaba has been rebuilt many times.

Due to natural and man-made disasters, renovations have been made. The most recent one was in 1996 and due to advances in techniques it’s hoped that no further work will be needed for many centuries! 

3.It used to be multi-coloured and not supposed to be cube shape.

It’s currently famous as a black and gold cube, but centuries ago it was covered in colours including green, red and even white.It’s not supposed to be a cube shape.The Ka’bah’s shape has been altered.

The Ka’bah was originally d-shaped according to the foundations laid by Prophet Ibrahim. It attained its cubical shape when it was reconstructed by the Quraish before Islam who couldn’t rebuild the entire structure due to lack of funds. The space left out is called Hatim now – marked by a small wall.Kaaba is not just a building but a black rectangle magical place because there centralized energy, gravity, magnetism zone zero and place most blessed.

4-The Hajar al-Aswad is broken.

The Hajar al-Aswad used to be a single large stone but presently it consists of about eight pieces of varying sizes enclosed in a silver frame. The damage was caused due to numerous unfortunate events including flooding, numerous sieges and theft! The first silver frame was made by Abdullah bin Zubair.

5- The tawaaf around the Ka’bah never stops.

One of the most incredible things about Ka’bah is that the tawaf around the Ka’bah never stops except when congregational prayer is held. Even during the incidents of floods, people did Tawaf whilst swimming.

6.The Ka’bah’s cleaning ceremony is held twice a year.

The cleaning ceremony is held during Shaaban and Dul-Qaada by the Al-Sheibi family. A special cleaning mixture is prepared from ZamZam water, Taif rosewater and expensive Oud oil. The governor of Mecca invites few dignitaries to participate in the ceremony.

7.Did you know that Prophet Adam, Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Ismail and Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon them) have all participated in the construction of Ka’bah?

The history of the Kaaba stretches back to pre-Christian times. According to Islamic tradition, the archangel Gabriel appeared to Abraham (known to Muslims as Ibrahim), and instructed him and his son Ishmael to build a shrine in Makkah.

The ritual of pilgrimage to the Kaaba is believed by Muslims to stretch back to the time of Abraham, although it was re-affirmed by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century.

8.What is inside the Ka’bah?

The interior of the Ka’bah is supported by three pillars, with lanterns hanging in between them. A small table for perfumes can be found between the pillars. Plaques can be seen hanging on the walls, commemorating the rulers who refurbished it. A green cloth embroidered with the verses of the Quran covers the upper part of the walls. The right wall has a golden door called Bab At-Taubah, which opens to a staircase leading to the roof.

9. Makkah is the area that has the most stable gravity. High gravitational pressure, and that’s where the voices berpusatnya construct that can not be heard by the ear. 

 Gravity high pressure direct impact on the immune system as the defense of any disease. What is intended in the liver is an echo that can not be heard but can detected frequency. Effect of electron causes internal power back high, full of the spirit to worship, no desperate nature, willing continue to live, complete submission to God. 

10. Radio waves can not detect the position of the Kaaba.Even satellite technology could not see through what is inside Kaaba. Radio frequency may not be able to read what is on the inside Kaaba because of high gravitational pressure. The most high-pressure gravity, has a salt content and river flows in underground lot. Because if it was the prayer in Mosque although in the open without a roof still cold. Sleep with the position facing the Ka’bah will automatically midbrain aroused very active up to the spine and produce blood cells. 

Movement around the Kaaba toward the opponent at providing energy for life nature of the universe. everything in nature moves according opponent hour, God has determined the legal way. 

Circulatory or anything in the human body against the direction of the clock. Precisely with surrounding Kaaba against clockwise direction, meaning the blood circulation in the  increased body and certainly will add to the energy. That is why people who Mecca is always vigorous, healthy and long life. 

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